Friday, January 14, 2011

Trip to Tenggarong

Have you heard about Tenggarong before? Name Tenggarong comes from 'Tangga Arung' means King's Home. 
 Tenggarong is the Kutai Kertanegara Regency which one of the richest Regency in Indonesia.
I'm so amaze with what i saw there. The infrastructre of the city is awesome. Clean and tidy. You'll feel like you are visiting Singapore. Small country with a great view and clean road.
My first visited here is The Royal Musem. You can see many ceramic from old China dinasty, various headdress of Indonesian culture.

Royal Musem

Like Singapore have Sentosa Island, Tenggarong also have a vacation island named Kumala Island. It's like a dreamland. You can see theme park in the middle of the river here and  a sky tower, cable car, many more. Sooo awesomee....

Kumala Island
 And this what i wore that day. I may get the wrong costume. Wearing black in the middle of super hot noon. -__-"

Well you really have to come and see your self
this city is really big A
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Anonymous said...

senangnya jalan2...^^

Sari said...

Iya dooong. Sekali2 mampir deh ke tenggarong. SerUuu.. ^__^

Anonymous said...

iihh seruuu

Sari said...

bgt say. kalo sempet dateng deh ke situ, ga nyeselll ^^

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