Sunday, January 9, 2011


 Last week me and my friends spend a night in a hotel to celebrate our bride-to-be friend's bachelorette party, Etha. She's going to married at this end of this month and will be the first among us. Huaa..i'm so happy for her ;))
She really is crazy, belive me...
that's etha, anis and me (minus wi) :)

Latelly i'm sooo into a party wedding. Altough i don't know yet when will my own wedding will come, but i did some little (eew, a little more than just little i guest..) research about what my wedding will looks like..

1. I want it to be like a heaven on earth, full of flower, and no fake air conditioner. I want the real air, which is i want an outdoor party
2. The invit card should look like this 

3. I really want this to be my wedding's souvenirs
Potpourri dress. For this one, you can really have it at pitakado

Or this cute wayang brooch from sovenir of indonesia

4. The most important part of a wedding, is the dress. I want this to be my wedding dress, by Irna La Perle

Well, enough saying. 
Oh dear God, please make my dream wedding come true. amin o:)

ps: my other bride-to-be friend just told me that she bought something for her seserahan. Some bag from Sportstation. Reebok. Yes, ree-book!! For seserahan. What was she thinking???!!!!!!!!. Oh, man...Reebok?? Can anyone slap me?
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Anonymous said...

selamat buat temannya yg mo nikah dan aku suka pakaian sari :)
aku follow.. ^^

Anonymous said...

aku jg suka irna la perle bagus bgt bgt bgt bajunya... tapi pas merid aku pengen pake baju buatanku sendiri *narsis* haahahhaa

Sari said...

@me aishi:makasi udah difollow. I follow u back looh :)

@desti: Samaa dong. Pengennya sih yg desain sendiri, tp irna la perle tetep jd my biggest inspiration ;)

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