Monday, February 28, 2011

Fashionology 101

Ok class, let's start our lesson with travelling into a heaven of fabric, Mayestik.
Bluring? yeah, blame it on the lousy camera.

I'm wearing an inner from Shabby Chic

Take a picture before i shop :p
The pink one or the green one? humm...confusing..
Wadda beautifull blue lace fabric

And these are what i bought there

A flower pattern fabric for my new dresses. Yes, this is much more mundane, but i love them.
Another things have to be done this month. Yippie..
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring 2011 Couture Inspire

 There's no trends are way tooo trendy for you, because we can always just took the simple things from them.
Of course, we should lining it if they are transparant or too short for us.

Rihanna wears Jean Paul Gaultier
Nicki Minaj Wears GIVENCHY Leopard
Nicole Kidman in JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Couture
Florence Welch Wears GIVENCHY Coutre

all images are taken from The Fashion Cult

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Accessorize Me Up

I loveee wearing them. Freakin' much

 Monsoon-Accessorize Ads 
Collection 2011

And this is my favorite photo shoot 
Yeay. Love the turban!!

All images are taken from Accessorize

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Award!!

Yeay. My first award coming from Nichan . Thankieess dear :))

So here's the deal, to receive award i should following these rules;

1. Jawab pertanyaan ini (Answer these questions) :
-Udah berapa lama blogging? (How long have you been blogging?)
 Umm...since i've got my own laptop and able to bought a cheap modem. LOL. 

-Kapan pertama kali blogging? (When did the first time you blogged?)
My first posting was on January 2009

-Apa tujuan kamu bikin blog? (What is your purpose of making a blog?)
At first i just wanna know how it feels to have a public space written by you and having the worlwide people read it. It forced me to learn english better. But nowadays it became something more. I start to explore my passion for fashion here. Having this blog make me work harder to create something good because i feel responsible to post an inspired thing for my reader. Insya Allah :)

-Siapa yang bikin kamu terinspirasi untuk bikin blogmu jadi kayak sekarang? (Who inspired you so that your blog becoming like now?
Well, Diana Rikasari had the first place when it come to inspire me and Hana Tajima is the 2nd but she's become much more inspiring than others. Love you girl ;)

2. Bikin post tentang award ini (Make  post about this award)
Yup. Done

3. Kasih award ini ke 4 blogger lain (Send this award to four other bloggers)

4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award!
Soon :))

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Pearl Brooch For Wedding

More and moooreee wedding outfit. Just get used to it. It couldn't kill you anyway...

I'm wearing an accessories for my hijab from Elizabeth Wahyu. I've had her DIY class last year and got this awesome brooch and pearl chain i've made.

I've got this with her signature inside, Lucky mee :))

These are step by step making the chain

These for making the brooch

Piece of cake, right?? :D
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wedding Blast Vol.2

I've told you there will be a bunch of wedding party this year. More like a parade.

And that was what i wore at that wedding. Blue theme.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be better, not just a winner

I love be a part of a competition.
Not just i looove to win (hey, who doesn't??)
but because i need to know how good i am.

When you are in competition you'll do your best effort to be a winner. But no matter how it ends, a winner or not, it's not the final purpose. What really matters is you have already tried, you become knowing where you standing at. You know wheather you have or not have a potency at your own field  so you can fix your skill.
I believe we all do a winner the moment we entered a competition because we already won our fear to lose.
So let's compete felaas!!

And here's a bit of my work during lots of fashion design competition

Kebaya Design Competition held by Kartini magz, 2010

Plaza Senayan Fashion Design Competition 2007

First Media Design School Styling Competition,2011

Red-A Retro Design Competition, 2006

Futuristic Fashion Design Graduated Fashion Show, 2009

The rest is just a history. hahah. Yeah, i'm such a lazy filing person. I don't have every files all competitions i was joined.
Just don't be afraid to compete fellas, because it'll definetely makes you be better from before
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

That 70's Show

I'm at Samarinda now. So forgive me for the lack posting, because there's not easy to find an internet connection, untiiiilll today.
So i've been in this hotel like a week, but i just know today that this hotel have a Wi-Fi
Oo mannn.... My bad..
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