Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tutorial Hijab plus Corsage


I realllyy loovee watching how Nay from  Sweet Escape do the video tutorial.
Well, i tried once, and mine is far from what she has. I guess video editing will be my next lesson :). 
Done with my first tutorial. Hope you all enjoy it fellas :*
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2 weeks more to the wedding

yes, fellas.
My wedding.

So sorry for the lack of posting, but i'll give you a sneak peak of my pre wed photos

First and second picture are taken at Kota Tua. 
I kinda boring with that place, actually. But i don't know where else to go to get the vintage spot.
And luckily the third picture are taken at Bebek Ginyo, Tebet. 
Have you been there? Not just the food i reccommend, but also the ambience. For you who adore vintage as i did. I'm pretty sure you'll love Bebek Ginyo also.
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