Monday, November 16, 2009

Ambon Manise

I went to Ambon last month for trading. I'm kinda freak at first knowing that Ambon was a conflict area where all of the moslem and the christian not living peacefully and for the whole entire 4 -5 years life in a nightmare live where they watch they husband, wife, child, sister, brother, friends, parents or even someone they don't know were killed for no reason.

but when i came
i was shock.

Ambon is not that scary that i thought it was.
Ambon is beautifull.
The people are nice.
They just need to recover.
Let's us help them to recover.

Anyway, when i was there i went to the beach called Batu Capeo.
That place have a myth. Christina Martha Tiahahu as a heroine from Ambon, when she was about to climbs the mountain with her horse, hat that she wore was flown with the wind. and thats why those piece of rock which is looks like hat become so famous and called Batu Capeo.
eerrrr, i don't really know whats the meaning of Capeo. Maybe i should ask someone the next time i go there..

Batu Capeo (do u think it looks like an antique hat??)

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Batik Parang at France

Thanks to Dries Van Noten, so we can saw our beloved batik in parang pattern at some of France Fashion Show.
This parang motif, which is worn as skirt looks nice combining with white shirt and brown jacket.

oow, it's inspiring me to make some of this...

thanks Dries Van Noten, u make us more proud with batik!
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

white shoes and the clothing company

no words to say.
i'm having a fight with my BF now.
don't know what to say.

i just know what to wear ;)

here's what i wore a couple days ago.

This batwing dress is available in my Pandora's Box OnShop
but it's still underreconstruction. i'll let u know when my first collection is finish.

the crown zipper detail (pssssssssssttt, same as Diana Rika Sari has ;p) and the belt.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Batik is INDONESIA's Heritage!!

Today, at this 2nd October
Unesco will legitimating Batik as Indonesia world heritage.
And to support this, we, people who really loves and respect Batik wear it today.

I share u some people who loves Batik and loveIndonesia

This pic taken from facebook. Thanks guys :)

and this is my Batik style

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Monday, September 28, 2009

At our sanctuary

fiuuhh, what a light!!

i'm about to meet my friends alinda and efi at Plaza Semanggi this afternoon, but than i found out that efi won't be able to come because she has a lot of work to be done.

so, here we are. Me n alinda, enjoying the traffic semanggi road view from roof top.
Our sanctuary.

Alinda. Moi
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

When many stores are still closed..

Align CenterWent to Tanah Abang with my mother and my aunt yesterday but what i found is that they still closed till next monday.
oh, crap.
but at least i still be able to ate sate padang there
hmmm,,one of my favourite traditional food

Then i decided to go to Pasar Baru to find another textile store for my new label collection and looking for some pair of shoes

and i found this beautifull purple shoes with touch of diamante

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Right to left; Rajiv, Fadil, Moi, Jeane, Rieza

Yesterday night i was hang out with my childhood pals. We're went to Puri Mall and watched THE GRUDGE 3. awww, not so very good movie, i guess..

anyway, the hang-out part was so FUN (u did notice that i wrote that word with a big F right? ;p)

i really think we should do it some more, ok fellas??

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

h+3 of Eid Mubarak

and i've got asthma!!!! GREAT.

anyway, due to my difficulty on breathing, i'll just left u in some fashion issue from TEEN VOGUE aussie mags.
Back to bed, fellas..

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Monday, September 21, 2009

oh, yes! 3 months of hiding

despite my guilty feeling cause not blogging for emm, how long???
oh. yeah, 3 months..

i do have a looot of story to telling you all ;p

first, hello people..
i'm wearing hijab now!
not a long and wide kind of hijab, though..
mine is just enough to cover my aurat, including hair, ears and neck at least
but if u ask me why i wear hijab, well excuse me....i'm not gonna tell u, cause it's too personal for u to know :)

second, it's my first Ramadhan i spent far away from Jakarta. i kinda missed the ritual here, you know.. ngabuburit with friends, tarawih and tadarus with family etc. but the most sad part is i had to spent Takbiran night and Ied Prayer with working!
now, i really have to appriciate money more than ever...

anyway, i'm not taking picture as many as i expected
so i'll just share u with this;

my zip dress are about to sell in my onshop, just wait fellas ;P

and this one is taken at Martapura, Banjarmasin. A place where u can find anything kind of jewelry, from a precious stone to a fine jewelry like diamond, gold etc..

o i really have to bring this laptop every where i go or i won't be able to update my blog as often as i want *sigh..
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

so be carefull of what you say, people....
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