Monday, November 16, 2009

Ambon Manise

I went to Ambon last month for trading. I'm kinda freak at first knowing that Ambon was a conflict area where all of the moslem and the christian not living peacefully and for the whole entire 4 -5 years life in a nightmare live where they watch they husband, wife, child, sister, brother, friends, parents or even someone they don't know were killed for no reason.

but when i came
i was shock.

Ambon is not that scary that i thought it was.
Ambon is beautifull.
The people are nice.
They just need to recover.
Let's us help them to recover.

Anyway, when i was there i went to the beach called Batu Capeo.
That place have a myth. Christina Martha Tiahahu as a heroine from Ambon, when she was about to climbs the mountain with her horse, hat that she wore was flown with the wind. and thats why those piece of rock which is looks like hat become so famous and called Batu Capeo.
eerrrr, i don't really know whats the meaning of Capeo. Maybe i should ask someone the next time i go there..

Batu Capeo (do u think it looks like an antique hat??)

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Ibrahim Lathini said...

Yes, let's help them to recover their live to better life.
I agree with you, Ambon used to be a nice place till now ..
I have some Ambonese friends from Muslin and also Christian. They are good fellas for me. :)

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