Thursday, September 22, 2016

Catching up!!

Helloo people!
Been a looong time since my last post.
A simple reason that turn my life into chaos : being a new mom.

But now i'm back to  my hobby slash bussiness.
Now i'm owning a workshop with 3 in-house tailor, 1 pattern maker, 1 helper and 1 socmed person.
Yeay. My dreams is about to be real one step at a time.
My small workshop

The Board of Idea
From right now i'm gonna focusing my blog talking about my hobby slash bussiness. About designing clothes and how to sell it. No, i'm no master in entrepreneur. not even close. But at least this is the best i can do to give information or inspiration for all the women-preneur or becoming a women-preneur out there.
Hope it helps :)

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