Thursday, June 20, 2013

2nd Book of Mine :3

Dear fellas,
Maybe some of you wondering where i've been
If you have noticed that i'm no longer blogging since last year.
Yes, last year.
Wanna know why?
Since i've been accepted in Fashion Design ITB, the whole time is a craziness. Beside my collage things, such as homework and projects, i'm still running my clothing label and writing a book. Well, that's how busy i am.
So today i'm back to my laptop and with all my effort writing all these for you my lovelly readers. :D
I recently do some photoshoot for my 2nd hijab tutorial book. For this edition, i 'm with Aliah, Puput, Sally and Mega as a model. This book not also teach you how to do your hijab in any occasion, but it'll teach you how to make a hijab accessories with batik fabric. I make this collaboration with Rana Experimental and Tria Nursatiti as the owner.
Rana Experimental Project

Behind The Scene My Hijab Tutorial Book

As you all know, my 1st hijab book tutorial had lauch last year and Alhamdulillah, the response are great!
i can't believe it my self, gazillioonnn thanks for all my reader :*
And dnt forget to buy my 2nd book yaa
It'll be more complete and full of inspiration, Insya Allah

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