Monday, February 22, 2010

Trip to Lion Land

owh, massage is clear enough, right? a chunky giant ice cream!
(and it's only $1!!)

Lunar New Year! yeay!

recently this thing pop up in my head: hey, i'm going to learn Mandarin language!
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Light me up, hey chandelier!

Going to meet my old campus friend, Indri at PIM. While waiting her, i spend my time at ak'sa'ra book store and bought this book.

THE NYONYA KEBAYA. This book is about Kebaya Encim which more famous in Singapore or Malaysia rather than in Indonesia. It's usually wore by Peranakan Chinesse. Me (with my mom) will had an exhibition at INACRAFT next April. And this kebaya nyonya is one of our product. So, you may meet me there fellas ;)

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Daily Style Part I

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Lovely legging went to P.I

Finally i can meet my friend Pungki after many times was failed and many rainchecked was canceled. This time we plan to watch a movie at Plaza Indonesia and i also dying to see what Alun-alun Indonesia at Grand Indonesia looks like.

a new ring i've got when i went to Kendari

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It's NOT Bali my's WAKATOBI!!!!

Last January i went to WAKATOBI island. I went there with my mother.

****yeeaaay..i found a shell :p ****

******Waha Beach at Wangi-wangi******

******At Rukuwa village, Binongko. View of Rukuwa beach******

******Beach view at Binongko, Roda beach.******

****Try to ride a kano at Rukuwa beach*****

******Sunset at TOMIA******

******Diving at TOMIA DIVE CENTER******

A downier plane.A small palne. wow, it's my first time using this kind of plane.

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Bebek Ginyo Tebet

I ate at Bebek Ginyo, Tebet with my friend, ka Eris.
Our first priority there, of course, shopping :9..yeeayy
we went to every store they had. Bloop-Endorse, Ouval, Green name it..

it's always nice to know that you'll always have a friend to shop with ;)
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Museum Textille

This pic is in front of ancient kimono taken by Anis at Museum textille, Tanah Abang.

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