Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's NOT Bali my's WAKATOBI!!!!

Last January i went to WAKATOBI island. I went there with my mother.

****yeeaaay..i found a shell :p ****

******Waha Beach at Wangi-wangi******

******At Rukuwa village, Binongko. View of Rukuwa beach******

******Beach view at Binongko, Roda beach.******

****Try to ride a kano at Rukuwa beach*****

******Sunset at TOMIA******

******Diving at TOMIA DIVE CENTER******

A downier plane.A small palne. wow, it's my first time using this kind of plane.

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ayiful RA said...

reportase gambar yg menarik..

Ibrahim Lathini said...

i always dream to go to there .. hmm .. maybe latter.. no no no .. maybe .. SOOOON :D

Anonymous said...

so beautifull places....and wonderfull ..... it is my village... so, what are you doing there? are you traveling or waht? ............

Sari said...

oh yes. it was an amazing place with amazing view. you should go there at least once in your life to see how beautiful wakatobi is.
i was there with my mom for visiting my brother. He works as a doctor there.

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