Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flower on My Neck

And this is my own version of Flowery Necklace  

Just let me know if you all need the tutorial ;)
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Monday, February 20, 2012

She Wears...Genius Jumpsuit

Meet my dearest client, Putri for her final fitting. She is one of my lovely and most loyal (yes, she is!) client made by order fashion project Amelia Sari Designer.
She ask me to made her jumpsuit. And so i made her, we planned to meet at Ex Plaza that noon.
She wears it and change her clothes right after she receive it. 

actually i love jumpsuit also, but never have an opportunity to wear it (not to mention i always looks fat on it). But here are some tips you should know about how to wear this tricky outfit, match with our hijab of course.

The Dos and Don'ts of Wearing a Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit have been huge recently but they can be soo tricky. 
Here's what to do (and what to avoid) to wear jumpsuit.

Black Would Never Go Wrong
Of course black is always a good choice: It's slimming and sophisticated.

Don't Wear it Too Tight
It makes you look slutty.

Loose Your Self
An extra loose would definetely makes your look modest and edgy.

Satin and Jeweled for Elegant Look
For special occasion, wear the light and shine material plus add on blink to complete.

Pair it With a Jacket
For Hijabers, you can add a cardigan, jackets or long sleeves shirt to cover your curve and skin.

Layering it underneath a jacket makes the look more subtle. Pick tones that are similar.

Don't Wear a Bold Horizontal Stripes Full Covered
it makes you looks like a prisioner

Meanwhile, i was wearing a jezmine pants and flowery scarf from La Belle and Tops from Kamidea.

Thanks for loving my work so much Putreee *kiss and smoochies*

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

While I Was in Singapore....

Every time i went to Singapore, i always love the ambience, the crowd, the street style and of course IKEA :p
Here is my list what i love about Singapore

My Favourite Store: iSETAN

My Favourite Museum: Peranakan Museum

You can find many ethnic yet eclectic historical stuff about The Peranakans people here. Such as their beautiful cloth, their exquisite delicate porcelain, their pattern and motif and many more..

And i also like to visit here, Rumah Bebe. It's a store where sells sooo many Kebaya Encim or they called it Nyonya Kebaya with various design, motif and size. 

The Peranakans people most are Tionghoa, they lovee to wear Encim as we, Indonesian love to wear batik. In fact i have this client, aunt Kris, who sells it at Singapore my kebaya product and also write a book "Nyonya Kebaya" (it also publish here in Indonesia )

I let my feet walk away where ever they take me ;)
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