Monday, February 28, 2011

Fashionology 101

Ok class, let's start our lesson with travelling into a heaven of fabric, Mayestik.
Bluring? yeah, blame it on the lousy camera.

I'm wearing an inner from Shabby Chic

Take a picture before i shop :p
The pink one or the green one? humm...confusing..
Wadda beautifull blue lace fabric

And these are what i bought there

A flower pattern fabric for my new dresses. Yes, this is much more mundane, but i love them.
Another things have to be done this month. Yippie..
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Maya Irmayanti said...

thx soo much kunjungan baliknya dear..^^
yup bener bgt sebutannya "puyung" sudah makan nasi puyung yg pedes banget ntu??
btw gak sabar nunggu liat apa yg sari buat for flower fabricnya..i love them so much!!! jdi pingiiinnn

nisanichan said...

green green!!
pick the green!
wkkwkw.. *mentang2 doyannya ijo :p

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