Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Accessorize Me Up

I loveee wearing them. Freakin' much

 Monsoon-Accessorize Ads 
Collection 2011

And this is my favorite photo shoot 
Yeay. Love the turban!!

All images are taken from Accessorize

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Fitri Aulia said...


thejourneyofasillygirl said...

sariii... i'm lovin Monsoon Accessorize as well!! So glad to know it's available now here in Jakarta (tho, still not available in Bandung hiks)..
Nice post as always dear.. :)

Sari.ameL said...

@fitri: duh yang sakit, sempet2nya blogging :p
@ ana: huaaa. i looove them ssoooo muchooo <3 <3
makanya yuk mari sering2 main ke jakarta biar ada temennya ak hunting aksesoris ;)

Maya Irmayanti said...

sariii love ur outfit first pic!!
cute pink hareem..
maoo maoo maoo ^^
salam kenal yah =)

Hijab Kawaii

Sari.ameL said...

@maya: aw thank you. that's very kind of you :)
salam kenal juga :))

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