Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be better, not just a winner

I love be a part of a competition.
Not just i looove to win (hey, who doesn't??)
but because i need to know how good i am.

When you are in competition you'll do your best effort to be a winner. But no matter how it ends, a winner or not, it's not the final purpose. What really matters is you have already tried, you become knowing where you standing at. You know wheather you have or not have a potency at your own field  so you can fix your skill.
I believe we all do a winner the moment we entered a competition because we already won our fear to lose.
So let's compete felaas!!

And here's a bit of my work during lots of fashion design competition

Kebaya Design Competition held by Kartini magz, 2010

Plaza Senayan Fashion Design Competition 2007

First Media Design School Styling Competition,2011

Red-A Retro Design Competition, 2006

Futuristic Fashion Design Graduated Fashion Show, 2009

The rest is just a history. hahah. Yeah, i'm such a lazy filing person. I don't have every files all competitions i was joined.
Just don't be afraid to compete fellas, because it'll definetely makes you be better from before
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nisanichan said...

such an inspiration ka :)
aku biasanya paling males ikut2an klo sayembara2 gitu :(
abis baca ini jd pgn nyoba kpn2 :D

Sari.ameL said...

Yayaya. Nikmat sekali loh ikutan lomba. Mari berlomba :D

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