Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Birthday My Engagement Day

Yesterday was the most happiest day in 24th years my life story
Because fellas, 
It's my 25th birthday plus my engagement day become one

 With Barbarita minus Uwi just Me, Etha, Anis

Hey look!! we wear the same ring :)

With lil bro, Febri

 My seserahan. Yesss :D

  Yeah, we know. Too narcist to ignore

 Anis, Me and cousin Lisa

nichan, me and my cousin Lisa

 And this is what i've got for my birthday present

My most beloved birthday present comes from nichan, a girly statement necklace
ooo, you do know how to surprise me girl, kisskiss :*

Last but not least i want to thanks the photographer, akang Akmal Martadinata for taking a wonderfull picture. 

Oh, umm. And sorry for the lack of posting. 
No need to tell you how busy i am.
See you in my next post fellas
Keep your mind cold and your hearth warm

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thejourneyofasillygirl said...

Happy birthday and happy engaged! :)
Looking gorgeous sari!

nisanichan said...

waa senangnya :D hehe itu kadonya dari febri juga ka bedua belinya hehe
we know pink things would look good on you :D
semoga tahun ini berkesan bagi andaa~

Saga Amelia said...

waa selamat yaa..
selamat ulang tahun semoga sehat selalu dan selamat buat pertunangannya, semoga smua acara yg dipersiapkan sampai nikah nanti lancar... Amin.. :D

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