Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You Know You Love Gossip Girls

Gossip girl will always be my most favourite tv series ever!!

You can find friendship (or frienemies!!), Love, parents-chioldren relationship, teenage problems, and especially they always have an outgorgeous FASHION outfit!!yummyyyy....
The smiling face "S"..

Miss BowWow

Blair makes her signature style with those cute headbands

She (was) little J. Humprey

Our Beloved little J turns to our beloved fashion designer wannabe. She is my favourite character. She's teach me how to reach your dreams (even you are the only one who say you can do it among the others)

Dan Humprey

So sad i have to see Serena and Dan broke up. Let's hope it's doesn't happend in their real life..

The Most Fashionable Guy among the Gossip Girls Cast..

The One And Only Chuck Bass

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Y.O.Y.O. said...

I looove Gossip Girl also. Although the recent episodes sort of disappointed me. Don't you just love the fashion this show has? Man I would wear anything S and B own!

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