Monday, January 17, 2011

My First Giveaway

In the middle of the night, while i'm blogging and sipping a cup of coffee, i stumble to this gorgeous blog  Living Daisy. And she's about to give away her things. Yeaynesss!! It's my first time i'm in for give away, and hope i can get some of those stuff  **cross fingers
Let's check out the gift;
Don't tell me you're not in love with those tempting items, so let's go and grab them here quickly!!
But sorry fellas, those gift only available for Indonesia citizen only.
>> i'm dying for the cotton ink shawl, actually.. <*(-_-)

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nisanichan said...

moga dapet ya kak :D

Sari said...

gyahahhaaaha...kok belom tidur neng??
ngerjain tugas ya?? ckckck...mahasiswa sekali anda :D
ikutan yuuk, biar rame niih. hohohohooo

nisanichan said...

kebangun ga bisa tidur lagi . huhu..
lagi libur kaak ga ada tugas hahaha
iseng aja nih browsing2 hehehe..
hihi mau si ikutan, tp males ngeposnya.. hehehe.. :p
tidur kak uda pagii

Sari said...

ooh sama dong yaa, ak jg kebangun (dari kemaren pagi..) trus ga bisa tidur lagi. haghahahaa :D
ayoolah ikutan ajaa, lagi nganggur ini kuliahnya, biar ada temen niiih..heuhuuu...

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