Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wedding Blast

Sooo many wedding party's of my friends will held on this year. And Etha is the first who lead the way.
As we all know she's addicted to purple colour, but never had a chance to wear it on her wedding kebaya, so me and the two others friend decided to wear purple dress at her wedding.

I designed my own dress and the hijab accessories. You all know how i adored Irna La Perle, are you? So i made this kinda brooch for my hijab inspiring by her.

The Inspiration
Brooch in the making
This is me, do the brooch final touch

 Aaaaaanndd this is the crowd....


College fellas, yeaayyy

Say hi to the newlyweeds

 That's a rub fellas. 
But hold your breath because there will be many more wedding report this year .
Ps: wait for my hijab DIY tutorial accesories for your own special occasion ;)

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Rani S Sembiring said...

waah mau dong DIY nya ka sarii. buat iseng2 liburan gada kerjaan hehehe. hebat bisa bikin bross :D

aleen aiden said...

buat sendirik baju 2?woah,kretip2.kagum nih.hee

Rani S Sembiring said...

btw im follo ur blog ka sarii :D

Sari.ameL said...

@rani: coming soon ya DIY *doain inget :p and thanks for following me. i'll do the same :)
@aleen aiden: yeah, i love designing cloths. Thanks sudah mampir :)

tealovecoffee said...

kreatifnyaaaa :D
suka banget liat jilbaber2 bergaun ungu... bagus2 dressnyaaaaa :)

Sari.ameL said...

@tiana: iya nih, niat bgt sampe seragaman ungu2 :p

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