Monday, June 22, 2009

Sexiest Man Alive ...In my version of course... PATRICK DEMPSEY!!!!
If u never watching Tv Series Grey's Anatomy or Made of Honor movie u may not know him.
Grey's Anatomy (which is my fav Tv Series after Gossip Girl's) is a story about life arround Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) as a surgery doctor and her love live with a cool-hot-handsome doctor as Derek 'Mc Dreamy' Shepard.
And recently i found his face displayed around Bundaran HI modelling VERSACE's new campaign ad.

is a nice view, i thought..^^' Best Blogger Tips


nisanichan said...

mm.. dy maen di enchanted juga gak sih kak? tapi waktu di grey's anatomy dy emang seru. hehe

Sari said...

ganteng abeeeeeeeesss..
slruuup nyammmm

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