Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Me as an fresh designer..

It's kind of my little biography in fashion design..

Well, the first time i thought i have a tallent in fashion was about 4 years ago

I was won a fashion competition at ESMOD and get an free shortcourse for about 3 months.
---have no picture---

The second is i was the 10th finalist at fashion retro held by Blok M mall

And the 3rd is i won the 1st creative t-shirt at FIB UI
---have no pic. and i gave my t-shirt for the panitya---

20th finalist Plaza Senayan Palm Award

Since then,
Inever win anything again..

I feel like i'm so stupid to waste my talent like this.
The only things happen around me just wasting my time without do something usefull and meaningfull..

And i hate my self.

God, i know i have to create something.
Or i'll be dead!
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