Monday, February 16, 2009


yes. it is time for a change..

well, i know i've been doing this (change) since the early new year.
but, no matter how much i try. it's not happening as i wish it is..*sighh...*
but, luckily it's still in a second month of 2009
and that gives me a reason not to give up to change.

i think i suppose to always make up my spirit to change in every month
just in case if my plan doesn't going well

for this middle february, i have to:
1. stop spend my money at mini market (and stop buy a mineral bottle too, start buying a gallon)
2. stop eating when u don't really need it
3. save your money, please?
4. ........

well, i don't know for the forth. let me think about it later. but i'll keep the rest so do i can make a little change in my life, right?
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