Sunday, February 15, 2009

after this, what next............??

Sudah lama juga g nulis di blog.
terlalu cemas n ngerbetin diri sendiri gara-gara skripsi..

well, this time, i wanna share about me, him and our future plan.
mm, maybe my feature plan actually..

i was just share with my friend etha about my next plan, after graduation in april (amiiinnn...)
back then, we just talking about marriage. about how wonderfull it can be if marriying (is it a right spell????) someone that we loved so much.. how will the wedding go on..and bla..bla..

and then, not so long after that, my boyfriend just call me and suddenly spoke "let's get marriage on September" or in Indonesian, he said "de, september nikah yuk.."
and i just like, what??? is it even possible??
i mean, i talked about it just like a second before
and now he's saying this question??
hmm.. i wonder if it a sign??

well, after he asked me that, i'm just spechless. and (not like other-drama-romentic-movie-i-used-to-watch) i just says "'s not like i'm not ready yet, but still...hhmm...hmmmm"

and there it goes...
i can't say anything better than "mmmhhhhhhhh" word..
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