Friday, September 17, 2010

Never get enough of Pancious!!

Yes, again. 
It's like God will punish me if i start to eat another pancake (which is i did, and believe me, Pancious is the best pancake ever :D)
So i go there with Mba Irma at Taman Anggrek. but weird things  happened while we're there. The electricity is turn off! At Taman Anggrek, while we're at Pancious waiting for menu in darkness. Ha, funny..

and tada...the light is already on!

 But before we went to Central Park. 
noir sur blanc knit jacket, unbranded itc loose shirt, yuan khaki pants, urban & co sandals, faux channel bag

Anyway, what i'm watching now is GLEE. 
 But, umm, i don't really enjoying Glee as much as i enjoying Grey's Anatomy. 

Not even can beat up Gossip Girl. Or How  I Meet Your Mother.
Ups, i missed a line.
ok, got to go fellas. Enjoy your Friday night.
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