Thursday, January 15, 2009


i know it's no longer new year

but i still wanna make my personal planning ( i call it personal planning and not a resolution plan, it's because i'm not believe in resolution. not anymore since i realize that making a new resolution in every end of year didn't make me stop made a failure :(... )

so, here is my personal planning:

1. Be more religius
2. Spending money on an expensive digital camera 'CANON 400DSLR'!!!!
3. Spending less money to an unecesarily items like expensive food
4. Switching dringking a caffein to cow's milk (hey, i need it!)
5. Having a blog and website
6. Going to Bali
7. No more postponed. do what u can do now!
8. NOT IN DEBT!!!!
9. Reduce Ego
9. Increase your brain (read a book, browsing internet, have a quality chat)
10.Having 5 hours time to sleep
11.Be Comfortable person (smile, greeting, and do the 3 magic word's)
13.Set goals every each month and make an evaluation of it
14.Make a financial report
15.Left Rp 50.000 every each week
16. GRADUADE AT APRIL!!!!!!!!!
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