Thursday, April 26, 2012


I just came to Inacraft 2012 in their 1st day, and yet, it already loaded by people.
This is one of the biggest craft exhibition event in Indonesia and have a large amount of suppliers, tenants and participants from all over Indonesia itself.
This is where you can find everythings you need. Yes,i mean EVERYTHING. Wood furniture, fashion crafty needs, cute bamboo bags, lace accessories, batik accessories, you named it. 
Yes, and the plus side is it all made in Indonesian. Love your own product, hey people.

Empires Stripes Back 

Kebaya Encim, Fay's Boutique

Cute little things she(doesn't really)needs 

What i love about this event is every participant has displayed their stand beautifully, like BagusBagus, this is one of my favourite displayed. Their put lotsa cage, birdie and inspiring words. And they sells vintage, handmade and cute things as shown below.

And oh, the owner of BagusBagus is also has a workshop DIY art craft where you can learn how to make a scrapbook, owl key chain, paintings, etc

These are some things you can make at BagusBagus.

Hear hear, what she said about herself on her blog
" I am a woman who fell in love with papers and words long enough before with boys. Therefore, scrapbooking, writing, reading, and art journaling are just things that complete me. I live happily in Bandung, Indonesia, with my husband, Audy Kusnadjaja, and 2 adorable kids adore me. Isn't life sweet? "

by Ria Nirwana
Jl. Karang Tineung Indah No. 3-5 Karang Setra Bandung 40162 Phone. 0222031884

Japanese sense on Inacraft

See you on INACRAFT 2013 fellas.....
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Annisa Marwati said...

Aah ria nirwana is my most fav scrapbooker kaak..
Kaya nya penting nih hrs dtg ke inacraft ke standnya bagus-bagus \:D/

Amelia Sari said...

waah, masaaa?? Dia udah famous yaa? Keren2 banget loooh barang2 displaynya kmaren..

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